Technology Consulting Practice

At sAND dUNE vENTURES, we recognize that clients' needs vary. Some companies may require basic channel development guidance or assistance in the development of a business plan, others need to raise capital or reorganize money losing operations, while still others need to jumpstart industry partnerships to extend them into new markets.

For these enterprises we offer a full service technology consulting practice focused on the following business segments:

Channel Consulting

We are dedicated to the development of programs and models that create a profitable sell-through of technology products. Simply stated, we help technology companies, both large and small, become more profitable. Our team does extensive work in American, Asian, Canadian, and Latin American / Caribbean markets, covering the following core competencies.

Consumer Channel Consulting Services

branding . marketing . pricing . product management . product positioning . sales management . strategy

B2B Channel Consulting Services

competitive analysis . program development . sales & distribution . selection & strategy

Asia Consulting Services

competitive analysis . channel strategy . manufacturing sourcing . product strategy

Latin America / Caribbean Consulting Services

competitive analysis . channel strategy . market entry . manufacturing sourcing . product strategy